At DeskBoard Buddy™ we are extremely customer focused and dedicated to improve the way our customers work. Our customers typically put a lot of thought into their productivity. They are hardworking, forward thinking professionals that want to squeeze the most out of each workday, while also doing their part for the environment.

That’s why doing what we love hinges on finding the right customers. We’re dedicated to finding people who are as passionate as we are about increasing their productivity and eliminating unnecessary waste for our planet. This means we spend a lot of time speaking with our customers, listening to their needs and product feedback. This allows us to constantly iterate our designs and serve our amazing community in the best way possible. At the end of the day increasing our customers workplace productivity while also decreasing waste for our planet is what motivates us, and how we are able to come in each day with smiles on our faces.

Have any questions about us or our products? We would love to hear from you! Just send us an email at Thanks for being here!

Meet The Team

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    Josh Cull - CEO & Founder

    Our fearless leader Josh who founded DeskBoard Buddy in 2019. Josh comes from a engineering background, registered as a professional mechanical engineer in Ontario, Canada. He also completed his MBA with a focus on digital commerce and supply chain management.

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    Aamir Hussain - Content Manager

    Aamir works hard to develop partnerships with influencers and actors who are passionate about the DeskBoard Buddy brand. He is in charge of our content acquisition efforts, and has a keen passion for organization and productivity research.

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    Allie Villamor - Social Media Manager

    Allie is the driving force behind everything social at DeskBoard Buddy. She works closely with the team to create engaging social media posts and helps to develop partnerships with other influencers online.

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    Sam Capitle - Customer Support Manager

    Sam is responsible for everything that happens on the customers journey after a purchase is made. He ensures a smooth transaction and delivery, directing the team to quickly and efficiently handle all customer questions.