Collection: Accessories!

Don't forget your dry erase markers! We manufacturer two different types of dry erase markers: the 12 pack and the 10 pack. Apart from the different number of markers in each pack, these two sets of markers also use a different type of dry erase ink. The 12 pack marker ink type is best suited to use on white surfaces, while the 10 pack marker ink type is specially designed for black surfaces. So if you are purchasing the black version of the DeskBoard Buddy then go with the 10 pack. For any other product in our line up (including the acrylic wallboard) go with the 12 pack.

We also offer a stationery kit which you can include with any DeskBoard Buddy order. The stationery kit includes everything a modern professional will need at their desk, and is designed to all fit perfectly inside the DeskBoard Buddy interior storage compartment.

We also have a whiteboard cleaning kit for keeping your DeskBoard Buddy glass whiteboard surface sparkling clean. And a large DeskBoard Buddy mouse pad which is perfect for going underneath your DeskBoard Buddy, keyboard and mouse.

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